Cyber and Ship Security Training

You probably see and hear it daily; stories reporting cyber attacks on everything from credit cards to military installations, in countries around the world. With all these cyber attacks, it’s become crystal clear that maritime companies, ships, and ports are not immune from computer based security threats.

Given that modern reality, the IMO has issued resolutions directing shipowners and managers to incorporate cyber-risk management into their ship safety plans – and those plans must be fully implemented by 2021. That means all shipowners, ship operators, shoreside staff, and seafarers worldwide need comprehensive training now on cyber-security issues, in addition to more traditional training on issues like piracy, stowaways, and general ship security.

Our state-of-the-art computer based Cyber and Ship Security Training contains important knowledge and familiarization on all of topics including cyber-security, general security, stowaways, and anti-piracy measures. This training will improve maritime safety and security as well as reducing risk to seafarers, vessels, and companies alike.

Cost: $250.00

Length of Training: 2 hours – 4 Lessons/30 minutes each

Delivery: DVD. Digital fleet licenses are also available for LMS or other server based systems.

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