Corporate Info

SeaNet Verification Services, LLC 
We develop and provide international maritime regulatory compliance solutions in four areas:

Through our compliance product development expertise, we launched the first flag State approved electronic oil record book (ε-ORB), which in 2017 won the Lloyd’s List Americas Maritime Services award, the Lloyd’s List Asia Pacific Innovation award, the NAMEPA Innovation award, the Tanker Shipping & Trade Technical Innovation award, and was a finalist for the Lloyd’s List South Asia, Middle East and Africa Innovation Award.


SeaNet’s third party solutions service provides bespoke inspection, investigation, internal audit, and technical & regulatory consultancy services to owners and operators of ocean-going vessels of all flags, as well as tugboats, towboats, and other vessels under the U.S. flag. We maintain a robust network of more than 400 inspectors encompassing all major international ports and the entire inland waterway system of the United States.


At our corporate headquarters near Washington, DC, we host maritime training on a variety of international and U.S. regulatory issues and maritime topics.

SeaNet also produces computer-based trainings on a range of subjects, including Cyber & Ship Security and Marine Environmental Awareness.


Our government services division provides maritime technical services and consultancy to a number of countries, including the United States, Luxembourg, Liberia, and Panama. Through SeaNet’s subsidiary, Decatur Marine Audit & Survey, we are a USCG approved third party organization, authorized to ensure U.S. towing vessels comply with 46 CFR Subchapter M. SeaNet Maritime Services, S.a.r.l. is an authorized 3rd party inspection, audit, and technical service provider working cooperatively with the Luxembourg Maritime Administration. SeaNet Verification Services, in connection with LISCR, LLC, provides maritime enterprise product & service development and supervision to the Liberian Registry. SeaNet Panama provides Panama Canal Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (PC SOPEP) and Authorized Person service to vessels transiting the Panama Canal, acting as an intermediary between the vessel owner/operator and the Panama Canal Authority.

SeaNet Verification Services is part of the YCF Maritime, where our growth and internationally renowned reputation for innovation, safety, security, environmental protection, seafarers’ and staff welfare, and corporate social responsibility continues to be attested to by maritime stakeholders throughout the world.