Rafael Cigarruista
SeaNet Panama
Education Highlights:
Panama Nautical School
Nautical Engineering and Marine Transportation

Professional Memberships:

  • International Nautical Institute
  • International Institute of Marine Surveying
  • Member, Panama Maritime Chamber
  • London Maritime Arbitrators Association (In process)

As a SeaNet Panama’s General Manager, Rafael oversees the strategic target set in his region. He’s a valuable representative for the company, with more than 17 years’ experience in the maritime sector in Panama, controlling and monitoring vessels and clients through the Panama Canal, Central and South America, as well as around the Caribbean. 

Presently, Rafael is part of the marketing and business development team for SeaNet and Decatur Marine. He’s also a Marine Auditor, MLC Inspector, Safety Inspector, and Marine Casualty Investigator. In addition, he also represents the Liberian Registry at Regional Fishery Management Organization meetings around the world.

He previously worked as a supervising technical manager, in vessels certification (statutory & class regulation), dry docking, ships repairs, and implementation of regulations such ISM Code, ISPS Code, MLC Convention, and many others. Rafael has been involved with ISO 9000 Implementation for multiple companies, and is an ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor. From time to time, he also acts as a Marine Expert and Consultant for the Panama Maritime Tribunal assisting during different cases or scenarios on the Court of Law (crew claims, accidents, pollutions, damages, cargo claims, etc.)

Rafael has served nearly 6 years at sea on different types of vessels and in different trading areas, and has represented Panama during his time as a member of the Panama Maritime Administration for many different international organizations, including the International Maritime Organization, ROCRAM, and COCATRAM.